“Prophecies” (zine)
Zerox print, 21 x 15, 2019

Exhibited in “Rain, steam and Speed”, Ventilatior, Tel-Aviv, 2019


“Prophecies” was creatd for the exhibition “Rain, Steam, and Speed,” inspired by its location, the seaside. The zine revolves around time, memory, and dream. When we sleep, the bed becomes a ship in the open sea, carrying our consciousness between the past, present, and the imaginary. At times, it sails into uncharted territories, as if glimpsing into the future; other times, it gets caught in a storm and runs aground.

        “Today I visited Toulouse
         at the seaside
         inside the Catacombs

        Later, at the Filipino grocery       
        I bought some canned coconut milk

        In the mirror
        I could see ahead of time

        My hair
        black marble

        My neck       
        white marble

        I managed to capture it like an epileptic fish
        before throwing it back in the water

        it won’t remember
        for it is already whole