For me, the act of drawing is an attempt to capture an impression that leaves something that cannot always be described in words; A moment between memory and imagination: waking up and finding another person’s body in bed and observing it silently and protectively; a dark stairwell; a nightmare; a bare bed; a shell.
The evolution of an image that begins as one thing and becomes another makes it possible to observe the development and change of the autonomous movement that produces and reveals itself through drawing.

My work traces drawing through questions of reduction: reducing the attempt to control the drawing’s unfolding, of handing over control to the drawing hand as a mediating tool that encourages the image to be deciphered as it wills; reducing the weight of line and gesture as an option of expressing surroundings, material and climate. The color scale narrows as well. Through reduction, the work examines conditions of contrast between line and the surroundings it inhabits in relation to the space in which it appears, in an attempt to isolate the secret encoded in the image, so that it can burst from the substrate in its raw and direct form.